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Les cas et notes pédagogiques

Voici quelques liens vers mes cas pédagogiques

1. Nappi Ingrid, Master Class 

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Dans cette Masterclass, donnée pendant la période du confinement, je pose la question : où travaillerons-nous demain ? Et quels enjeux managériaux, urbains, immobiliers cela posera-t-il ? 



Retrouvez le replay dans la rubrique Formation (mot de passe requis)

2. Nappi-Choulet I. « 77 avenue des Champs-Elysées », CCMP,  ref. 306-499-0

This case study places students in the position of a property asset manager who must analyse the Paris commercial property market of 2002 and make a decision on whether or not to sell a property on the Champs-Elysees. In studying the case, students will discover Grosvenor, one of the largest UK-based real estate investors and developers in Europe and worldwide. They will also learn how to analyse property markets and manage a cash flow analysis. Students have to decide if this is the best time to sell the property. This bilingual (French/English) multimedia case contains 15 minutes of video: 4 interviews with Grosvenor’s members (managing director, head of asset management, and financial planning manager). Photos, graphs and figures illustrate the short texts and make the case user friendly. With a variety of features such as a video index, appendices index and print functions, the case is easy to use.

3. Nappi-Choulet I. « La tour T1 à La Défense » CCMP ref. 310-162-0

In this case study, students play the part of an asset manager. The manager must analyze the real estate market in the Paris-La Défense business district in order to analyze strategic opportunity for the development of an important, speculative real estate project, the T1 Tower, in 2004. The case study is designed to teach students how to carry out real estate analysis, use the correct indicators and analyze cash flows for developing real estate.

4. Nappi-Choulet I. « Les mécanismes de l’investissement immobilier »

Les logiques d’acteurs et comportements d’investissement.

5. Nappi-Choulet I. « Les prix du logement en France»

La question de la mesure du prix du logement en France et à l’étranger